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The Varona Hair Restoration Blog

The Varona Hair Restoration Blog

Hair Care For Winter

Hair Care for Winter Burr!, it’s cold outside, and your hair may be suffering. During the winter months, we can already expect cold temperatures, wind, sleet, and snow. Sure, we’ll bundle up in our warm layers to keep our bodies comfortable. What about our heads? No, not a cute beanie that’ll keep your head and… Read More »

New Hair New Diet

Okay, so you’ve gone through the procedures, and you love your new look. The doctor placed every follicle exactly where they needed to be to ensure your satisfaction. Looking in the mirror almost feels like you’re looking at a newly refreshed version of yourself. You’re excited to go out in public and see your friends… Read More »

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

effects of hair loss

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss Dealing with hair loss can be extremely difficult. Imagine going to bed and waking up the next morning to see strands of your hair on your pillow. Since hair is a massive part of our appearance, losing it can seem like we’re missing pieces of ourselves. The media is continuously… Read More »

Setting Hair Goals

What’s the point of setting hair goals? Have you ever tried to set a hair goal, but ran in roadblocks? Maybe you’re longing to gain more density or actual hair length? If you were trying to grow your hair, you likely took tips/advice from almost every avenue. For some reason, the hair goals seem easy… Read More »

The History of Rogaine®


The History of Rogaine® Some clients believe that an easy button for their hair loss is merely using Rogaine®. Though Rogaine® can help, it’s not a cure, and the results aren’t lasting. Many people use it, and many doctors prescribe it, but do we understand it’s origins. Like many other drugs, before it became mainstream,… Read More »

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