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Hair Care For Winter

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Hair Care for Winter

Burr!, it’s cold outside, and your hair may be suffering. During the winter months, we can already expect cold temperatures, wind, sleet, and snow. Sure, we’ll bundle up in our warm layers to keep our bodies comfortable. What about our heads? No, not a cute beanie that’ll keep your head and ears warm. It’s recommended to wear a hat during the colder months, but it still doesn’t protect us as much as we hope.

Underneath that hat, our hair is becoming dryer by the second. The dryer our hair becomes, the more likely it is to begin to break off. Sometimes brushing makes breakage worse. It yanks and pulls hair from the strand, leaving it brittle and split. Can this be stopped? Why yes, it can, and it may be easier than you think.

How should you keep your hair moisturized during the winter months?

Slow down on the shampoo. Please, by all means, keep your hair clean, but keep in mind that when you use some shampoos, they strip away natural oils from your hair. Once those strands of hair are left almost bare with little to no oil, they can break. Limiting how many times you wash your hair per week can help.

Moisturizing your hair regularly should already be on your “to-do” list when keeping a healthy head of hair. During the colder months, you should amp up your moisturizing routine a bit to ensure your hair isn’t damaged from the cold. Using a moisturizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner can be step one of your new winter routine.

While you’re shampooing and conditioning your hair, be mindful of the water temperature. Hot water may be preferred for most people, but it can also strip away moisture and natural oils. Using lukewarm water is best when washing your hair.

Allow your hair time to dry naturally; applying too much heat to your hair can reverse the effects of conditioner. Do not go outside in the cold with damp or wet hair. Depending on the temperature, your hair can freeze and break off.

When you’re all showered, oiled up, and dry, then be sure to dawn yourself with your favorite hat to keep your head warm. Wearing a hat can protect your hair from the brittle cold air, and it also keeps in the oils that help your hair be strong.

Following these tips can ensure that you’re keeping your hair healthy during the colder winter months. If you’re noticing more breakage than normal and become visibly noticeable, there could be other reasons for this. Speak to your local doctor about it, and if it’s beyond a reasonable stage, contact us today. 

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