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Facial Hair Transplantation

Facial Hair Transplant

Newport Beach, CA

Varona Hair Restoration in Newport Beach offers the most advanced techniques to expertly restore hair for the beard, mustache, sideburn, and eyebrow areas. Whether you’d like to fill in thinning eyebrows or you’ve never been happy with the fullness of your beard, Dr. Christopher Varona can create a custom treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Dr. Varona is renowned for his expertise and artistry with the leading hair restoration techniques, and he has helped thousands of patients regain their self-esteem with these procedures. Discover how facial hair transplant surgery in Newport Beach can improve your appearance and help you reclaim your confidence. 

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Facial Hair Implants: How They Work

Facial hair implants are typically performed using either FUT or FUE hair restoration surgery. If you elect to undergo FUE surgery, the hair grafts will be individually extracted from the back of the head. The techniques used by Dr. Varona ensure minimal scarring. He uses specialized tools to harvest grafts with a punch size as small as 0.7-0.8 mm. This means you won’t have to worry about visible scarring on the back of your head, making this procedure a popular choice among our young male patients.

Once the grafts have been harvested, Dr. Varona will carefully prepare the recipient sites on the desired areas. During this step, tiny incisions are meticulously made so that the depth, angle, and direction of the transplanted hairs can be controlled. This ensures the hair transplants look as natural as possible and blend in with the surrounding hairs.

Depending on the patient’s hair type and cosmetic goals, FUT surgery may also be used. The primary difference with FUT surgery is that a strip of tissue is surgically removed from the back of the head, and the hair grafts are dissected from this tissue. This procedure does produce a linear scar, but it is easily concealed if the patient chooses to wear a long hairstyle.

Dr. Varona prides himself on being one of the few hair surgeons who performs the graft extractions manually with precision and speed.


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Facial Hair Implants

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a detail-oriented, minimally invasive procedure that involves harvesting individual hair grafts from the patient’s scalp and transplanting them into areas of thinning hair. This procedure is performed in several steps:

Before & After

This patient had sparse fine facial hair and desired a stronger beard. I transplanted 2300 grafts by a hand FUE technique. Second pics were taken after 12 months.

beard transplant on male patient

Frequently ASked Questions

Facial Hair Transplant Surgery

Facial hair implants typically do not require a lengthy recovery. If your procedure was performed using FUE surgery, mild pain and swelling is expected for the first few days. Recovery from FUT surgery is usually just a few days longer, and scabbing forms around seven to 10 days after the procedure. Patients typically resume non-strenuous activity by the second day after facial hair transplant surgery, but exercise should be avoided for a week.

These procedures produce long-lasting results. The transplanted hairs are taken from the back of the head, which is an area that is genetically programmed to resist balding. As a result, the transplanted facial hairs will have the same growth behavior and will be less likely to thin out.

It’s generally recommended that patients wait about two weeks before trimming their transplanted facial hair and at least four weeks before shaving.

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As a former hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Varona understands the transformative power of hair restoration. He is inspired by the way these treatments can completely change someone’s outlook, and he has spent the last decade perfecting techniques that produce natural-looking, long-lasting results. Dr. Varona approaches hair restoration from an artistic perspective; the graft sites are meticulously placed to match the patient’s natural hair.

Dr. Varona blends this artistic approach with superior surgical techniques to restore thick, healthy hair. He is one of the few surgeons who perform FUE extractions himself, and he uses specialized tools to manually control the depth, angle, and distribution of hair grafts for natural-looking density. This dedication to detail and artistry has made Dr. Varona one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the field.

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