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Meet Dr. Varona

Meet Dr. Varona

Renowned Newport Beach Hair Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Varona is a leading hair restoration specialist in Orange County, CA whose surgical skills and artistic finesse have helped thousands of patients achieve improved hair density. Esteemed by patients and colleagues alike, he is a valuable member of the hair restoration community and is dedicated to developing techniques that lead to the best aesthetic outcomes.

Raised by medical professionals, Dr. Varona was immersed in the medical field at a young age and eventually worked at his parents’ clinic. During this time, he saw firsthand the transformative effects his parents had on patients’ lives. He was inspired by the way they always had their patients’ best interests at heart.

Dr. Varona draws on these principles in his own practice: he believes in full transparency and an unbiased approach to treatment plans. He fully explains the complete range of options patients have for hair restoration. If he doesn’t feel that he can meet their needs, he will happily provide a referral for a second opinion. Patients will never feel pressured to make a decision on the spot.

As a hair transplant patient himself, he also deeply understands the vulnerabilities and frustrations patients face on a daily basis. Prior to undergoing hair restoration surgery, Dr. Varona found himself preoccupied with his hair loss and unable to focus on other aspects of his life. After his procedure, he felt empowered to finally go after what he wanted in life. Dr. Varona loves being able to deliver these same transformative results for his patients.

An Expert with Manual FUE Hair Restoration

One of the leading techniques in hair restoration surgery is follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE surgery. While this procedure provides superior aesthetic outcomes, it requires a great deal of manual dexterity, artistry, and surgical skill. This is why many other hair restoration surgeons rely on technology – such as the ARTAS and NeoGraft systems – to automate the extraction step of this procedure. These automated systems often use larger punch sizes, create more visible scarring, and are limited in maximizing the donor area.

Dr. Varona prides himself on being one of the few hair surgeons who performs the graft extractions manually. 

For over ten years, Dr. Varona has refined and developed his own techniques to make sure his results are constantly improving. This includes using specialized tools to create smaller punch sizes, developing high-yield grafting techniques, and making sure the transplanted grafts perfectly match the patient’s natural growth patterns. 

Hair Restoration

Grounded in Artistry

Prior to considering medical school, Dr. Varona was on track to continue his education in the arts. He attended the Highschool of the Arts in piano performance and did conservatory training for 14 years. While music was his fist passion, he discovered while working at his parents’ medical clinic that he had a different calling in life.

Dr. Varona’s musical training and involvement in the arts paved the way for his career as a hair transplant surgeon. Playing piano was instrumental in fostering his skills in the manual dexterity, repetition, and deep concentration skills required in hair restoration surgery. He draws on his artistic insight throughout every step of the hair transplant process. 

From extracting the grafts to preparing the transplant sites, every step is carefully carried out to reshape and restore the patient’s hair pattern with precision. 

When considering hair transplant surgery, many patients are concerned about their results potentially looking unnatural. Unsatisfactory outcomes often occur when the transplant sites are created without respect to the angle of the hair. Dr. Varona is an absolute perfectionist when creating the transplant sites. He is careful to make the site consistent with the angle and direction of the surrounding hairs. This ultimately affects how the hair will lay when it is transplanted. This artistic approach allows Dr. Varona to consistently produce natural-looking density.

Comprehensive Options

For Treating Hair Loss

Dr. Varona understands that each patient has his or her own concerns, goals, and preferences. He takes the time during consultations to fully assess the patient’s hair loss and discuss their reasons for seeking treatment. Based on this information, he will devise a personalized treatment plan.

Varona Hair Restoration offers a comprehensive range of options for treating hair loss, including the top surgical techniques, cutting-edge treatments like PRP therapy, and effective medications. Additionally, with options like eyebrow transplants, facial hair restoration, and hair transplant surgery for women, our transgender and female patients will also find an effective solution for their hair restoration needs.    

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