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Pillowcases For Hair Loss

Your bed can be a great place to lay down your burdens and get some rest finally. But what if laying in your bed is contributing to your hair loss. Different fabrics have different effects on your hair, and your pillowcase can be working against you. The wrong pillowcase can leave your hair tangled, frizzy, and dry.


Cotton pillowcases are the easiest and cheapest type of pillowcase to obtain, but it dehydrates your hair. Because cotton pillowcases are porous, it absorbs a lot of moisture from the hair. Cotton fibers can be rough on the hair, leaving it to look knotted. After tossing and turning and prolonged extended usage of cotton pillowcases, breakage can occur, causing the hair to look thinner. 


A step up from pillowcases made with cotton is satin. Satin is a reference to the weave of fabric but is typically confused with being the actual fabric. It can be made from different fabrics and materials. Usually, satin has a glossy front finish but is dull on the back. Satin made pillowcases can help keep the hair moisturized with natural oils and cause less friction.


A more expensive and natural option for pillowcases is silk. Silk is a natural protein fiber, made by insect larvae. Silks made by moth caterpillars are generally the ones we see in stores. Just as satin, silk helps keep the hair moisturized and hydrated.

People have found that they get similar results by using a satin or silk pillow. So close that they don’t notice a difference in their hair while using either one. The final decision will have to come down to cost and personal taste.

Pillowcases can make a difference, but if your hair loss is, further along, you may want to consider our restoration options. Contact us today, Dr. Varona will be happy to get you back looking and feeling your best.

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