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Preparation Checklist for Your Hair-Transplant Surgery

As the date of your hair transplant surgery approaches, please follow this checklist to prepare yourself for the procedure. Dr. Christopher Varona or other medical staff at Varona Hair Restoration will also review with you any medications you are taking for other health conditions and advise you as to which may need to be temporarily… Read More »

Common Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Mane

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Beautiful hair is our business at Varona Hair Restoration. We love helping patients keep healthy and full manes of hair and restoring hair that has been lost through hair transplantation. What we don’t love is seeing hair unintentionally damaged by common hair care mistakes. Are you accidentally ruining your hair without knowing it? Learn about… Read More »


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Welcome to Varona Hair Restoration Welcome to our new website for Varon Hair Restoration and Dr. Christopher Varona. Dr. Varona is so excited to introduce this new website for our practice as an educational resource for information on Hair Restoration. Take a look around and let us know what you think! Here are a few… Read More »

Varona Hair Restoration

non-surgical procedures for hair restoration

Varona Hair Restoration is the premier destination for hair transplant surgery in Newport Beach. Dr. Christopher Varona and his expert team offer the leading types of hair loss treatments, including FUE and FUT hair transplant surgery. Dr. Varona’s renowned techniques have earned the trust of countless patients seeking a long-term treatment for thinning hair. He… Read More »

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