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Facial Hair is Trending

As a fashionable outfit helps boost your confidence, your facial hair can do the same. Many are surprised to find out the growing popularity of facial hair transplants. With the pressure of staying hip and trendy, many look to social media to draw up inspiration. “No-Shave November” has been a popular hashtag gracing the captions of thousands of posts worldwide. Like they say, “if you got it, flaunt it,” and those that have it aren’t shy about it.

Some grow full, healthy-looking beards, while others are patchy. To hide the “patchy” look, lots of guys find it easier to shave it off. Those that get the “patchy” look can usually blame genetics. They can’t take part in the “No-Shave November,” but at least they have something to blame for it. If their father and his father had patchy beards, likely they’ll have one too.

Is it possible for them to grow a “real” beard?

Now with the advancement of technology, they no longer have to draw on a fake mustache and beard to get second looks. They can transplant and grow the beard of their dreams. They can even pick the style of beard they’d want!

Using skillful techniques and artistry, hairs are extracted from a donor area, which is usually from the scalp. With strategic extractions, there is very little visible difference in the scalp afterward. The procedure can take a few hours with little to no pain: minor swelling and light scabbing last only a few days. Being part of the process, the newly implanted hair will fall out. In three to four months, the growth process regenerates, and hair regrows. They’ll then be free to enjoy “No-Shave November” and their new look for months and years to come.

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