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Does the Hair Die with Hair Dye? 

Changing your hair color can be just the thing you need to boost your confidence. Let’s admit it; we’ve all wondered what our hair would look like if it were a different color. Even if you’re having that thought just because you want to spice up your life, style, or to cover up something, you’ve been there. 

With the advancements of technology and mass production of hair care products, hair dyes are more affordable and can be bought almost everywhere. Long ago, hair dyes were only black or brown, but nowadays, there’s nearly every color imaginable available for purchase. Yes, dying your hair can be fun and festive, but at what cost to your hair’s health? 

Whether you dye your hair using a “do it yourself” home kit, or go to a professional colorist, you are permanently changing the integrity of your hair. Seeing a professional colorist is recommended because they’ll at least know how to care best for the hair. 

To get hair to be dyed a lighter color, it will need to be bleached. Bleaching your hair will damage it more than coloring would. When bleaching your hair, you are pulling the pigment out of each strand. As the pigment is removed and washed away, the strand has become weakened. This weakening of the hair is permanent, and the longer the bleaching, the weaker the hair will be. 

If the hair is damaged from bleaching, it’s recommended to use hair care products containing ceramides to restore it. Ceramides are a family of waxy molecules mostly made of fatty acids. One must keep in mind that ceramides aren’t a permanent fix, but it helps protect the hair from further damage. 

Can bleaching make your hair fall out? 

Chemically, it is the only way bleaching your hair may cause hair loss directly. If bleaching chemicals aren’t mixed properly or applied too long, it can damage the hair and scalp. If the scalp is damaged, it can cause other hair issues. 

Bleaching your hair makes it dry and brittle, leading to hair falling out if badly damaged. If not appropriately treated, using hot styling appliances like curlers or a blow dryer can expedite the hair loss. 

Can you dye transplanted hair? 

The quick answer is yes, though it’s not highly recommended. Once the hair has been transplanted and begins to regrow, it behaves just as any hair follicle would over time. In the beginning stages of any hair transplant, the hair follicles are sensitive. Allowing the hair to be bleached and stripped of its natural profile can be risky.

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