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What Medications Slow Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair loss, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Though hair transplant surgeries like FUE or FUT can create a new hairline from scratch, you don’t have to wait until you’re bald before you take action. You can prevent hair loss and even reverse it, with oral and topical medications like Propecia and Rogaine®. Doctor Christopher Varona in Newport Beach, CA, has over ten years of experience helping patients achieve their hair growth goals through both invasive and non-invasive treatments. He knows the positive impact that a full head of hair can have on a patient’s psychological well-being.

Do Medications Really Work?

Medications like Propecia and Rogaine® can have a clinically significant impact on your hair growth. Studies have demonstrated that oral Propecia slows hair loss in 88% of men, and helps new hair grow for 66%. These statistics make Propecia the most effective oral treatment on the market today. Additionally, Propecia is one of the few medications to receive the FDA’s stamp of approval.

In 1988, Rogaine® (clinically known as Minoxidil) became the first FDA approved drug to fight male pattern baldness. One study reported that men who used the 5% strength of the topical hair growth drug for five months saw more hair growth than those who used either a 2% solution or a placebo. The results are clear: Rogaine® can substantially improve your hairline. These studies prove that hair loss medications can make a noticeable difference.

Which Medications Are the Most Effective?

The most clinically effective medications for preventing and reversing hair loss are Propecia (Finasteride) and Rogaine® (Minoxidil), both of which are FDA approved. If you are a woman whose hair loss stems from a hormonal imbalance, a testosterone-blocking medication like spironolactone can also help.

Is Propecia Right For Me?

Propecia is an oral medication that stops hair loss at its source by preventing your body from converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair loss. DHT ruins your hair by binding to its follicles and causing them to wither, weaken, and die. Researchers note that taking only 1 mg of Propecia daily can reduce scalp DHT by up to 60%, with higher doses blocking up to 70%. Long story short: taking Propecia lowers DHT and prevents future hair loss.

Propecia is only clears requires a doctor’s prescription and is only cleared for use by men. You should expect to see results within 3-4 months of starting Propecia. Success with Propecia is dependent on your taking it every day, and if you discontinue its use, your hair will begin to fall out again. Though Propecia can cause new hair growth for many individuals, it is not guaranteed. If you want to achieve more immediate and noticeable hair growth, you should consider PRP Therapy a hair transplant surgery.

Is Rogaine® Right For Me?

If you do not want to commit to taking an oral pill daily, Rogaine® can still give you similar results. Rogaine® is a topical treatment that you apply to the scalp in the form of a liquid or foam. Unlike Propecia, this hair loss medication is cleared for use by both men and women.

You can combine Rogaine® with Propecia and other treatments like hair transplant surgery or PRP Therapy to deliver faster, more visible results. You should expect to see new growth within four months of beginning Rogaine® treatment. Don’t take Rogaine® if you have a history of heart disease, or are currently pregnant. Side effects can include scalp irritation, headaches, and changes in your hair color or texture.

Other Non-Surgical Solutions

If you aren’t ready to undergo surgery, your non-invasive options aren’t limited to medication. Doctor Varona also offers PRP therapy in his office in Newport Beach, CA. In PRP therapy, Doctor Varona will extract the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood by placing a sample into a centrifuge. PRP contains a growth factor, which helps you heal. Doctor Varona injects the PRP solution into your scalp, encouraging skin cell turnover and stimulating the hair follicles. 

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