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The History of Rogaine®


The History of Rogaine®

Some clients believe that an easy button for their hair loss is merely using Rogaine®. Though Rogaine® can help, it’s not a cure, and the results aren’t lasting.

Many people use it, and many doctors prescribe it, but do we understand it’s origins. Like many other drugs, before it became mainstream, it was intended for other purposes. What is the history of Rogaine®?

The humble beginning:

The Upjohn Company developed Minoxidil in the 1950s with hopes of treating ulcers. Through many tests, mostly on dogs, Minoxidil was found not to treat nor cure ulcers. Instead, researchers learned it was a vasodilator, which opens the blood vessels and allows blood to flow smoothly. By the late 1970s, the FDA approved this compound to be distributed as Loniten, in the form of oral tablets. Loniten became a treatment for patients that suffered from high blood pressure.

It became discovered through many tests and research that Loniten had an unexpected side effect, which was hair growth. Once this discovery was made, a new patent was granted, and the FDA eventually approved the drug to be sold as “Rogaine®” in 1988. Later in 1991, a formula of Minoxidil was produced for women. By the mid-1990s, Rogaine® received approval for sales over-the-counter. Nowadays, Rogaine® is available over the counter, around the world.

And the side-effects?

While the discovery of Rogaine® has helped many to achieve their desired results, there are some side effects. Like many drugs, the side effects could be the determining factor for buyers. Most often, users of Rogaine® have reported irritation and burning of the eye, itching, and redness of the treated area.

Rogaine® is a highly effective treatment for hair loss but is not to be mistaken as the cure. Users of Rogaine® can expect to see the hair growth in as little as three months of constant usage. If Rogaine® is not used regularly or if a patient stops using it, the hair growth facilitated by the usage of Rogaine® will stop growing and will potentially fall out.

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Rogaine® has changed the lives of many by giving them the hair growth they desired. Unfortunately, as we know now, those results aren’t going to last. For a more lasting remedy to restoring your hair, contact us today.

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