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Setting Hair Goals

What’s the point of setting hair goals?

Have you ever tried to set a hair goal, but ran in roadblocks? Maybe you’re longing to gain more density or actual hair length? If you were trying to grow your hair, you likely took tips/advice from almost every avenue. For some reason, the hair goals seem easy while reading it, but it seems to take longer to grow your hair than advised. Progress can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve recently battled hair loss. Your hair is now beginning to grow again, but not as quickly as it has in the past. 

Here’s what you can do to help track your progress:

Most likely, when many begin to regrow their hair, they do so without much planning. Many people think they’ll just let it happen and hope for the best. Just letting it happen and hoping for the best is partially what’s causing the frustration. There’s no plan, and that likely means there’s no way of measuring progress.

By setting short-term and long term goals for your hair growth, you’ll begin to be able to make progress. Having short-term goals is good because it helps you to monitor your hair and its progress more often. With completing the short-term goals, you can celebrate and gain the excitement to continue. Eventually, the long term goal is typically met by accomplishing the smaller short-term goals. Having some trackers will increase your chances of success at regrowing your hair.

A great way to set trackers for gaining more density is to take photos. Be sure to take pictures of the day you start your new hair practice. The starting photo is by far the most important because it will show you where you started. As time and your hair growing methods progress, be sure to take pictures at every mark to best track your progress. When your goal is to gain more length, taking photos and having a way to measure the length of your hair is highly recommended.

While hair does grow overnight, the length and density do take time to be noticeable. Keep in mind that hair grows half of an inch per month, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. With this information, it’s safe to track and record your hair growth results monthly.

If, after months of working towards your hair goals, you find that the density still isn’t where you desire, consider a hair transplant. With just a hair transplant, you can get the look you’ve always wanted. Want to get started on restoring your hair? Contact us today; we’ll be happy to help you achieve your hair goals.

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