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A Word From
Dr. Varona

In the evolving hair transplant market, many clinics are using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) as an income stream, because there is the myth circulating that this is an easy procedure. Nothing could be farther from the truth. FUE is a delicate, nuanced highly artistic procedure that involves surgery — performed by a highly skilled, dedicated specialist. Don’t let yourself be misled into believing otherwise.


Before making the life-changing decision of which hair restoration practice, and specific treatment, you choose to trust your hair loss treatment with — here are a few key questions to ask:


First…what will my consultation cover?
It is important to know the variety of options available for treating hair loss — both surgical and non-surgical. And, most importantly, what is the best option for your particular situation, needs and expectations. At Varona Hair Restoration, your consultation will cover all options available. We treat everyone who visits our clinic as a VIP patient — not just another sales opportunity to maximize our bottom line.


Who will be involved in performing my FUE surgery?
It is important to know who will be participating in all aspects of your hair transplant surgery. You should know the affiliation of each person in the team working on your transplant to the clinic itself. Ask about each team member’s professional credentials and experience. At Varona Hair Restoration, we are totally transparent about who will be on your FUE surgery team, what part each team member will play — and provide you with each team member’s professional biography.


Specifically, who will personally perform the harvesting of hair grafts?
This is a critical and extremely important phase of the FUE surgical process. Ask who will be involved in this phase and who will actually select and harvest the grafts: What are their credentials and experience? Are they legally able to do surgery in the state? Do they have the expertise and latitude to make the decision as to the right punch type and size? How do they assess the graft quality while extracting? If the physician is not performing the extraction, why not? At Varona Hair Restoration, you can trust in Dr. Varona to be the only person to perform this precise, technically- and artistically-demanding procedure — tailoring the punch size, angle and site orientation to each patient’s own hair pattern to minimize punch scarring and maximize naturalness of results.


What does the clinic to do ensure survival of grafts while outside of the body?
The window of time for graft placement post harvest is critical, as well. Graft preservation prior to implantation is imperative to optimizing survivability. At Varona Hair Restoration, you can rest assured that the latest technology to support graft preparation and integrity prior to the actual transplant phase.


Who will be implanting the grafts?
This is a crucial question to ask any hair restoration clinic promoting FUE transplantation. Proven technical skills, experience and attention to detail are imperative – along with the latest implantation tools – to ensure the most natural-looking results. Dr. Varona is one of the few surgeons in the world who can and will personally place each graft after he extracts the grafts in his unique start-to-finish, hands-on approach. Dr. Varona believes patients deserve a physician who is truly an expert in the surgery they have committed to. While delegation to ancillary staff is the current standard in the industry – albeit illegally so – Dr.Varona stands against this practice and believes a surgeon should be the one performing the surgery.